TAWARTactical All Weather Attack Requirement
References in classic literature ?
Why, I'm buying it, upon my honor, simply, believe me, for the glory of it, that Ryabinin, and no one else, should have bought the copse of Oblonsky.
I feel, upon my honor I feel, as if I had committed a fraud on the public
La Ramee, some day when he sends for you, you must let me put on your clothes; I will go in your stead; I will strangle him, and upon my honor, if that is made a condition I will return to prison.
Half a minute later, all the water was back in the lake; and I had a hard job with you, daroga, for, upon my honor, I thought you were done for
I shall return it to you within the year, upon my honor as Sir Richard of the Lea.
And I do believe, upon my honor and my soul, that before that year is run I shall have succeeded.
de Treville, growing warmer as he spoke, "and his majesty was right; for, upon my honor, it is true that the Musketeers make but a miserable figure at court.
Extremely pretty,--really, when you know her, she is wonderfully pretty,--intelligent, determined, ambitious, unscrupulous, capable of looking at a man strangled without changing color, she is upon my honor, extremely entertaining.
Upon my honor, I feel for the first time in my life inclined to agree with him.
Your hearts seem to me so exceedingly great, that, upon my honor, I marvel how your small bodies can contain them.