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TAWSTerrain Awareness & Warning System
TAWSTerrain Avoidance Warning System
TAWSTarget Acquisition Weather Software
TAWSTheater Airborne Warning System
TAWSTank Automotive Weapon Systems
TAWSTactical Air Force Weather Service
TAWSTactical Warfare Center
TAWSTornado Advanced Warning System
TAWSTowed Array Handling System
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And TAWS - which is an acronym of the first initials of the name of a beloved family member who is now deceased - has never looked back, operating from the Fort McMurray First Nation number.
1) Two convicted murderers are suing Wikipedia because they say that under German taw, information published about their crimes
Feedback (good and bad) from fleet users of our CFIT products is critical to the development and maintenance of the COTS and embedded software GPWS and TAWS.
But they added it was an indication of a malfunction in the TAWS equipment.
Since Business Jet Services' TAWS solution was created exclusively for Gulfstream II and Gulfstream IIb aircraft, our product is ideal for owners and operators of those two aircraft types," said Kevin Jordan, partner of Business Jet Services.
These so-called "deemed export" taws are specifically aimed at foreign nationals, and the knowledge and technological skills they may acquire white working and going to school in the United States.
The deployment of TAWS in the FA-18 in 2004 was a significant milestone in CFIT protection.
Write a 100-word essay in which you argue why the racial segregation taws in Alabama in 1955 should have been ruled unconstitutional
Not only does Garmin's TAWS certification for the GNS 530 and GPS 500 help owners of turbine-powered aircraft meet an important FAA mandate, but it also makes TAWS functionality affordable to thousands of single- and twin-engine piston aircraft owners at a fraction of the cost of other systems.
During this time, TAWS will continue to complete the remaining 8 wells.
T3CAS includes TCAS (Traffic and Collision Avoidance System), TAWS (Terrain Awareness Warning System) and Transponder functions all in a single 6 MCU Line Replaceable Unit (LRU).
St George's: R Fairbairn (HH)v W Cummin (WL); S Taws (C) v PGing (BW); P Harvey (G) v J Askwith (G); B Nicol (HH) v K Taylor (HS).