TBACTertiary-Butyl Acetate (CAS No. 540-88-5; organic solvent)
TBACTask-Based Access Control
TBACTetrabutyl Ammonium Chloride
TBACThunder Bay Autosport Club (Canada)
TBACTest of Basic Auditory Capabilities
TBACThe British Are Coming (online game)
TBACThe Blue Army Crew (Bruges, Belgium)
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TBAC is serious about the accuracy part of things, and isn't going to potentially increase full-auto durability (a dubious gain on a bolt-gun) at the risk of accuracy loss.
And to make sure they maintain that accuracy, TBAC designed and built a mount for it.
In the course of getting threaded for the TBAC 30BA, it had also had the mount installed, and been placed in a new stock.
But TBAC will still make the 30BA brake/mount, and those of you who have been ahead of the crowd, and are instead in the 30BA system, TBAC will still make suppressors for you on a special-order basis.
While the barrel was being turned down, I had the gunsmith also thread it for the TBAC brake/mount, and Roksett it on, correctly timed.
In its comments, ACA's Automotive Refinish Coalition underscored that TBAC currently is exempted and used safely in low-VOC automotive coatings and cleaners in 49 states, Canada, and over 20 California counties, including adjoining Placer, Yolo, Solano, and San Joaquin Counties.
ACA maintained that TBAC should be exempted as a solvent for automotive refinish cleaning applications and for use in facilities that do not have a spray booth.
In addition to the widespread safe use of TBAC in automotive refinish operations, ACA noted that banning its use for surface preparation would invariably require the use of acetone-based cleaners instead.
president of the Cancer Information Research Group for US Oncology and board member of TBAC.
As TBAC combines our first rate scientific knowledge, standardization, and efficiency of molecular analysis with the volume of patients and clinical trials conducted by the experienced research physicians affiliated with US Oncology, this new entity will actually speed the application of breakthrough science in a 'real world' treatment setting," says Dr.
The volume of patients, research infrastructure, and the rigorous patient consent processes of the research network ensures that TBAC will have access to a large pool of suitable patient data.
Daniel Von Hoff, clinical director of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), who also plays an instrumental role developing TBAC, said, "The tools exist to target the treatment approach that works best for the genetic makeup of individual patient tumors, but those tools aren't currently available in many community care settings.