TBAPTetrakis 4-Benzoic Acid Porphyrin (immunology)
TBAPTanana Basin Area Plan (Alaska)
TBAPTuna and Billfish Assessment Programme (Secretariat of the Pacific Community; est. 1980)
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As prime contractor for this next phase of the TBAP, Manex will leverage its program management and small- and mid-sized business consulting expertise along with the experience, expertise and best practices developed during the first phase of the TBAP to maximize the impact on the California tire recycling marketplace and its participants.
We're extremely pleased to be selected to lead this next phase of the TBAP as the California scrap tire market enters what could be its most dynamic period of growth ever," said Brent Meyers, President & Chief Executive Officer, Manex.
For electrochemical measurements TBAP was used as supporting electrolyte and the test solution was kept in an electrochemical cell (model K64 PARC) under constant temperature.