TBARATampa Bay Area Racing Association (Florida)
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That's loving our neighbor better than ourselves, and I like it," said Meg, as they set out their presents while their mother was upstairs collecting clothes for the poor Hummels.
So fierce was his man- ner that Louise was frightened and ran upstairs to her own room.
In the afternoons, when grandmother sat upstairs darning, or making husking-gloves, I read `The Swiss Family Robinson' aloud to her, and I felt that the Swiss family had no advantages over us in the way of an adventurous life.
She had not seen him during the afternoon; she had heard some one say he was at the house, upstairs with his mother.
And dear John gathered me up in his arms, and just carried me upstairs and laid me on the bed, and sat by me and read to me till it tired my head.
The worthy Obed tells us, that in the early times of the whale fishery, ere ships were regularly launched in pursuit of the game, the people of that island erected lofty spars along the sea-coast, to which the look-outs ascended by means of nailed cleats, something as fowls go upstairs in a hen-house.
Mother has got a letter from Fairstowe; she seemed so glad, and ran upstairs to father with it.
said the boy; then suddenly the door upstairs opened, and he called: "Hey, ma
We went upstairs and passed into a large whitewashed apartment which was perhaps fifty feet long by thirty feet wide and twenty or twenty-five high.
We paddled out and got aboard -- clumb in at an upstairs window.
Two Negro men entered, each carrying a trunk, and proceeded upstairs toward the guest room.
Put the trunk in the entry, Jeremiah, and we'll get it carried upstairs this afternoon," she said.