TBBATaiji Bailong Ball Association (UK)
TBBATampa Bay Beekeepers Association (Seffner, FL)
TBBATidewater Bankruptcy Bar Association (Norfolk, VA)
TBBATruth by Blatant Assertion (fallacious argument technique)
TBBATampa Bay Builders Association
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TBBA has coal mining concessions in Tanjung Enim and Lahat in South Sumatra and one in East Kalimantan.
The extraction and cleanup of TBBA in rat urine (< 1 mL for most samples) were performed based on the method used in our previous study (Roberts et al.
The capacity of the existing train of PT KAI in that region, however, is too small to meet the growing coal production of PT TBBA from its coal mines in Tanjung Enim to the ports of Tarahan or Kertapati.
Indika Inti Energi in cooperation with PT TBBA, has succeeded in building a coal fired power plant with a capacity of 4 x 600 MW in Muara Enim, South Sumatra.
High-volume brominated flame retardants such as decaBDE and TBBA have come under increased scrutiny, and although little regulatory action has been taken, many image-conscious OEMs have voluntarily eliminated these chemicals from their products.
TBBA is an effective flame retardant for epoxy resins used in printed circuit boards and other thermoplastic electronics applications.
Many companies launch IPO to raise fund to repay debt, but PT TBBA offers shares to strengthen its working capital, although it had a debt of Rp 703.
TBBA is the major brominated flame retardant, used in epoxies, polycarbonates, ABS, phenolics and FR intermediates.
Reactive brominated flame retardants are tetrabromobispheno A (BA-59P), bishydroxyethyl ether of TBBA (BA-50P), and tetrabromophthalic anhydride (PHT-4) for epoxies and unsaturated polyesters.
Major applications for TBBA are PCB's (printed circuit boards), computer monitors and housings for electronics equipment.
75 of 1996, the authority over coal mining, which had been held by PT TBBA, reverted to the Government, which delegated its implementation to the Directorate General of General Mines.