TBBPATetrabromobisphenol A
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Although BPB, TBBPA, and TCBPA have been detected in human serum and tissues (Cobellis et al.
23) On August 18, 2015, EPA released for public comment draft problem formulation and assessment scoping documents for the chlorinated phosphate ester, cyclic aliphatic bromide, and TBBPA clusters and a data needs assessment for the brominated phthalates cluster.
In a series of three experiments, the researchers subcutaneously injected mice with TBBPA, triclosan, or both; the study used doses much larger than typical human exposures.
IPC director of environmental policy Fern Abrams "strongly suggests" that the subcommittee begin to gather data on the use, difficulties in replacing and of TBBPA in materials used in electronics, Newton added.
Although early studies were focused on the use of triple quadrupole mass spectrometers, the high selectivity of ion-trap MS was applied for the determination of TBBPA in sediment and sewage sludge scanning the range from m/z 145-543 after LC separation [112].
TBBPAs, PBDEs, PCBs and BPAs are extensively used flame retardants in plastics, paints, synthetic textiles, televisions, computers, copying machines, video displays and laser printers.
A needless ban on TBBPA would cost millions to implement in product development and testing.
4 min of retention time, whereas copolyesters of c-PBT and BPADGE (I), TBBPA (II), or Carbinol-PDMS (III) attain a maximum between 16.
The environmental part of TBBPA EU Risk Assessment is expected to be finalized mid 2007.
He noted positively, however, that the main commercial BFRs in use (Deca-BDE, TBBPA, HBCD) "have already been subject to advanced testing under EU risk assessments, so the evaluation work required under REACH has, in large part, already been carried out.
This revived interest in a TBBPA derivative (Great Lakes' PE-68), which had been around since the '70s.
TBBPA, however, showed no adverse effects, according to the study.