TBCAThunder Bay Community Auditorium (Ontario, Canada; performing arts center; est. 1985)
TBCATexas Business Corporation Act
TBCAThailand Business Coalition on AIDS
TBCATransportation Brokers Conference of America
TBCAThe Boston Company Advisors (Massachusetts)
TBCATotal Brand Communications Awareness (market research)
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acutatum (+Ca), un producto de PCR de aproximadamente 350 pb se produjo con la combinacion de imprimadores TBCA y TB5, en tanto que para ninguno de los aislamientos de banano de altura o el control de C.
1998) suggest that in non-steady-state systems TBCA could be estimated using the following equation:
Mineral soil C is, if anything, declining, which would reduce estimates of TBCA instead of causing it to increase.
Petrick, executive director of the TBCA, and she indicated the following to us:
The TBCA believes there are between 3,500 and 4,000 active licensed transportation brokers.
TBCA (Thailand) offers companies a standardized assessment of HIV/AIDS prevention and mangement programmes in the workplace and awards them a Gold or Silver ASO (AIDS-response Standard Organization) certificate depending on how they score in the assesment.
TBCA is currently considering offering a TB certification.
In 2003 TBCA began offering companies an option to participate in community outreach programmes.
However, there are two exceptions: staff numbers for TBCA (Thailand) and MBCA (Myanmar) are exceptionally high in comparison to the other Asian countries.
TBCA (Thailand) also started as a membership-based organization and then moved to a serve-all through a fees-for-services model.
This model is highly favoured throughout Asia, employed by coalitions such as BCAS (Singapore), MBCA (Myanmar), NBA (Indonesia) and TBCA (Thailand).
TBCA (Thailand) is an example of a coalition that developed a new funding strategy by moving from a membership based model to a fees-for-services model.