TBCAMThe Boston Company Asset Management
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Nijensohn, who joined TBCAM in November, 2014, as senior managing directors and senior portfolio managers from Pine Cobble Capital LLC, which they co-founded in 2007.
Until the recovery, TBCAM would look closely at select commodities that require particularly long lead times to add capacity or face challenging geological hurdles.
Bart Grenier, chief executive officer and chief investment officer for TBCAM, said, "The launch of these two strategies significantly strengthens our alternative investment capabilities at a time when institutional investors are increasingly looking for new investment options.
This can provide a return on capital to the private enterprise, while the public benefits from the creation of new or upgraded infrastructure, TBCAM said.
Countries with current account deficits will feel these pressures the most, according to TBCAM.
The strategy is truly integrated since both firms will jointly assess investment opportunities in each emerging markets country by asset class, as opposed to simply deciding on the overall asset allocation split for the entire portfolio and then managing the equity and fixed income sleeves separately," said Sean Fitzgibbon, the team leader for emerging markets core equities at TBCAM.
The MSCI Emerging Markets Index is heavily weighted toward commodities and export-driven companies and offers less exposure to local consumer-driven demand, according to the TBCAM report.
Other periods that exhibited similar distress included in the TBCAM study were 1974 - 1975, 1990 - 1991, 2001 - 2002 and 2008 - 2009.
I am excited to be selected for this opportunity as TBCAM is expanding globally, while retaining its focus as an investment-driven firm," Gennaco said.
portfolio management teams, and director of the core and growth strategies at TBCAM.
We believe the 130/30 strategy results in a more efficient overall portfolio that allows us to actively short stocks that we expect to under perform," said Dave Cameron, chief investment officer of TBCAM.
Our historical long-term, successful track record in international investing has been a major reason for growth over the last year," said Corey Griffin, TBCAM chairman and chief executive officer.