TBCCOThallium-Barium-Calcium-Copper Oxide (superconductivity)
TBCCOThe Bin Cleaning Co (UK)
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6 [[micro]meter] (using several superconducting penetration depths for TBCCO or YBCO at 77 K) is considered.
These material parameters are extracted for typical TBCCO material elsewhere[23] and are listed in Table 1.
Present-day TBCCO films have intermodulation products that often deviate from the expected 3:1 behavior at moderate power levels, exhibiting a slope closer to 2:1 that arises from the inclusion of higher order terms that have been ignored in this analysis.
Initially, the TBCCO family did not receive as much attention as the other two families, mainly because it is difficult to isolate pure phases and thallium is volatile and somewhat toxic.
The 1223 phase of the TBCCO family is also showing promise at even higher temperatures.
Most of the TBCCO phases also seem to suffer from this flux-flow problem.