TBCDTelephony Binary Coded Decimal
TBCDTrinity Bay Conservation District (Texas)
TBCDTechnology-Based Curriculum Delivery (University of Florida)
TBCDThiel-Behnke Corneal Dystrophy
TBCDTennessee Baptist Conference of the Deaf (Jackson, TN)
TBCDTreat Based on Clinical Diagnosis (neurology)
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III] specific E-cadherin CDH1 Cell-cell adhesion CDC2-related protein CRK7 Protein kinase activity kinase 7 Tubulin-specific TBCD Beta-tubulin folding chaperone d Cisplatin resistance CRR9 Integral to membrane related protein CRR9p Cyclin D2 CCND2 Regulation of cell cycle Polymerase IDNA directed), POLB DNA replication beta Ring finger protein 141 RNF141 Ubiquitin ligase complex Nuclear factor of NFATC2 Transcription factor activated T-cells, activity cytoplasmic, calcineurin-dependent 2 S100 calcium binding S100P Calcium ion binding protein P Fem-1 homolog c FEM1C Unknown (C.