TBCPTalk Burst Control Protocol (telecommunications)
TBCPTagged Binary Communications Protocol
TBCPTuberculosis Control Program
TBCPTagged Binary Control Protocol
TBCPTasks of Basic Cognitive Processes (intelligence testing)
TBCPThyroxin-Binding Capacity of Protein (thyroid gland)
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16) A significantly higher proportion of survey patients reported previous TB treatment (27%) compared with TBCP registration data (14%), (16) a consistent finding across provinces.
Extrapolating the study findings to TBCP case registration data (16) and to WHO estimates of the TB burden in SA, (1) conservative calculations indicate at least 6 000 MDR-TB cases in SA per year, confirming robust projections made previously (2,21,22) and supporting the contention that MDR-TB epidemiology should not be described by prevalence estimates alone, but should include underlying TB incidence and absolute numbers of MDR-TB cases.
Results from this study showed retreatment rates consistently higher than those reported in the TBCP.