TBCSThe Bear Creek School
TBCSThe Best Case Scenario
TBCSTampa Bay Club Sport
TBCSTraverse Bay Community School (Michigan)
TBCSThread-Based Composite System
TBCSTabora Beekeepers' Co-operative Society (Tanzania)
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Jack Rhian, Chief Executive Officer and President, commented, "During the past several months the Company has focused on implementing several large pharmaceutical support projects that have commenced in July and August of 2011 and will begin to contribute significant revenue towards the TBCS segment as of July and the remainder of 2011 into 2012.
We look forward to sharing further information on our business plan and the execution of additional service agreements from both the TBCS and HSMS divisions with our shareholders.
Effect of Thermal Gradient on the Through-Thickness Thermal Conductivity of Plasma-Sprayed TBCS (Yang Tan, Jon Longtin, Sanjay Sampath, and Dongming Zhu)
TBCS includes Wally Walker, who will serve as president and CEO of the Seattle Sonics & Storm.
11, 2001, The Ackerley Group, who purchased the Seattle SuperSonics in 1983, announced that they had a signed purchase agreement with TBCS.
In the TBCS division, our services are now scaled to accommodate for brand support in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the complex communication needs of large healthcare systems.
Within our TBCS group, our hospital solutions and PhoneScreen Pharmaceutical support programs continue to gain traction while the awards announced earlier this year have begun full scale implementation and related revenue generation.
We have a seasoned management team with the depth of knowledge capable of creating and executing on the opportunities arising from both our TBCS and HSMS divisions.
Our TBCS group is also proving the value proposition of providing customer centric, hospital based and clinical trial call center support to the pharmaceutical industry and large hospitals.
The Company realized a shortfall of approximately 2% which was primarily the result of the delayed execution of certain contracts within the TBCS segment which were subsequently executed in 2009.