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TBDTo Be Determined
TBDTo Be Defined
TBDTo Be Decided
TBDTo Be Done
TBDTo Be Developed
TBDTo Be Discussed
TBDTo Be Deleted
TBDTo Be Destroyed
TBDTick-Borne Diseases
TBDThe Black Donnellys (TV show)
TBDTen Business Days
TBDTo Be Discontinued
TBDTrial by Declaration (traffic law)
TBDTo Be Detailed
TBDTibetan Book of the Dead (song)
TBDTrack Before Detect
TBDTechnical Background Document
TBDTorpedo - Boat - Destroyer
TBDTo Be Dated
TBD1,5,7-Triazabicyclo[4.4.0]dec-5-ene (bicyclic guanidine base)
TBDTechnical Basis Document
TBDTaco Bell Dog
TBDTraining by Design
TBDThai Bangkaew Dog
TBDTechnischer Beratungsdienst (German: Technical Consultancy)
TBDToo Busy Disorder (humor)
TBDTo be Demanded
TBDTotally Brain Dead
TBDTask-Based Development (software development)
TBDTampa Bay Drunks
TBDThe Big Duck (landmark; Long Island, NY)
TBDThe Best Deceptions (band)
TBDTechnical Baseline Document
TBDDouglas Devastator Torpedo Bomber (WW II)
TBDTime/Bearing Display
TBDTriangular Barrier Diode
TBDTerminal Bomber Defense
TBDTableau de Bord des Devoirs (French: Homework Dashboard; online students' time management tutorial; France)
TBDThe Boomer Destination
TBDT Baldwin Demerest School (Old Tappan, New Jersey)
TBDThought by Design (UK)
TBDToo Bad, Dude
TBDTeam Baby Dick (gaming clan)
TBDTeddy Bear Dreams (television show)
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TBD has added to its list of international clients recently with new customers including UPS, Airbus Military and Virgin Australia.
With a reporting staff of 15 to 18, TBD won't try to be all things to all people.
Game 5 * Mon April 26 Portland at Phoenix TBD TBD TBD
Worth TX; Mar 3, Philadelphia PA; Mar 9, Buffalo NY; Mar, Athens OH; Mar 16, Oxford MS; Mar 18, Radford VA; Mar 19, Milwaukee WI; Apr 1, New York NY; Apr 1, Durham NC; TBD, Los Angeles CA, Washington DC.
However, TBD plans to offer its products to all store channels, and will meet lower prices by importing goods.
RAMP's solution suite delivers a significant set of capabilities to TBD, including a comprehensive site search solution, automated transcription and tagging of videos to enable search and search engine optimization, and local topic index pages with aggregated content from TBD.
The Holy Body Tattoo--Summer Movement Lab Five-Day Intensive Dates: TBD.
Monday: Washington (Fister 16-6) at San Francisco (Bumgarner 18-10), TBD
Monday: Washington at San Francisco-Pittsburgh winner, TBD
Organized by The NC State Computer Training Unit, Centennial Campus; Business Wire; and Business Leader magazine, in cooperation with leading technology sponsors TBD and TBD, the Showcase takes place March 21 - 22, 2001 at NC State University's McKimmon Center.
Gross production from the Burun field in the Nebitdag concession is currently 15 TBD and is expected to rise to 26 TBD by year end.
Mobil's share of production is expected to be 15 TBD of liquids and 60 MMCFD of gas.