TBECTexas Business and Education Coalition
TBECTablet Enteric Coated (medications)
TBECTotal Body Electrical Conductivity
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One of the big advantages of TBEC is that it allows crews to conduct launch-and-recovery operations high above the waterline.
Chaired by Charles Miller, another Houston-based money manager and a founder of TBEC, the center presented its report in 1993.
When you last test kids at the 10th-grade level, you have not told them whether they are qualified to move past high school," says John Stevens, the executive director of TBEC.
As TBEC promotional literature asserts, "a major aspect of education reform is to make a more effective connection between education and work - to bring business people into the schools and school people into businesses.
TBEC regional leaders present 8th graders with the list of classes they should take.
TBEC will tell Senator Ratliff, Senate Education Committee chairman, and other legislative leaders that responsibility for school improvement should rest with parents, educators, and leaders in business and the community.
The changes that TBEC is contributing to in Texas are occurring across the country.
We must begin by preparing our students for expanded educational opportunities, career preparation, and advancement as well as meaningful citizenship," said John Stevens, Executive Director, TBEC.
The new TBEC Achieve Texas System is currently available and being implemented by school districts, institutions of higher education, and workforce resource centers throughout the state.
TBEC has been a major force behind many of the policy reforms related to standards, testing and accountability that have gained nationwide attention.
Stevens, TBEC executive director, said, "Texas is facing a teacher shortage of critical proportions.