TBOATennessee Building Officials Association
TBOATuna Boat Owners Association
TBOATrojan Boat Owners Association
TBOATubal Branch of the Ovarian Artery
TBOATokkummaa Bartoota Oromo Awropa (Union of Oromo Students in Europe)
TBOATri-County Building Officials Association (Ohio)
TBOATruro Boat Owners' Association (UK)
TBOAThe Bars of America (website)
TBOAThreo- ß-Benzoylaspartic Acid
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Note that the safety enforcement (violation detection activity) variable PAT, the oil pollution detection activity variable POLI, and the environmental and safety ex ante monitoring enforcement variable TBOA are not significant.
22 Following Epple and Visscher (1984) and Cohen (1987), we assume that the amount of Coast Guard resources devoted to enforcement (measured by PAT, TBOA, BBOA, and POLI) is exogenous.
29 Tobit estimation of equation [8] for tanker accidents was also performed, where the quarterly measured variables, PAT, TBOA, POLI, real PO, and real PBR, were lagged one quarter: However, the coefficient signs of several of these variables are counterintuitive and hence the results are not reported.