TBOSTelemetry Byte Oriented Serial Protocol
TBOSTotal Back Office Solutions (UK)
TBOSTwo Birds One Stone
TBOSThe Bowl of Stupid (Diamond and Silk)
TBOSTelemetry Byte Oriented Serial
TBOSTime Between Overhauls
TBOSTackle Box of Savings (magazine)
TBOSTransportable Blackhawk Operations Simulator (US DoD)
TBOSTa en Bild Och Sänd (system to send picture from small aircrafts)
TBOSTherapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services
TBOSThe Barber of Seville (opera by Rossini)
TBOSTaking Back Our Streets
TBOSTest Bench Out of Service
TBOSTurf Battery Operated System (Rain Bird irrigation controller)
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As per the comparison of signcryption text length, except for RSA based TBOS signcryption, S-ECSC has the lowest communication cost in Elgamal type signcryption schemes.
2E+2 I 3E+1 / Save 2E+1 I r,s or 2E + 1 I TBOS 2E+2I 2E 2E 0 2E ECSCS 2kP 1 kP+1 I 2kP / / ECGSC 2kP 2kP+1 I 3kP+1 I 0 2kP+1 I S-ECSC 2kP 1kP 2kP+1 I 0 2kP+1 I Schemes Length of C SCS [absolute value of D (x)] + [absolute value of KH (*)] + [absolute value of q] B&D [absolute value of D (x)] + [absolute value of h] + [absolute value of q] KCDSA [absolute value of D (x)] + [absolute value of h] + [absolute value of q] SC-DSA [absolute value of D (x)] + 2 [absolute value of q] TBOS [absolute value of N] ECSCS [absolute value of D (x)] + [absolute value of h] + [absolute value of n] ECGSC [absolute value of l] + [absolute value of LH (x)] + 2 [absolute value of p] S-ECSC [absolute value of D (x)] + [absolute value of h] + 2 [absolute value of p]
DPS Telecom, a provider of network alarm monitoring solutions, announced on Friday (16 May) the release of its most advanced TBOS mediation device to date.
According to the company, the NetMediator T2S G5 takes TBOS alarm data from equipment, such as microwave radios, and converts it to highly detailed SNMPv3 traps.
The product is a LAN-based, SNMP/DCPx RTU that monitors up to 4096 TBOS alarms, as well as 32 or 64 discrete alarm points, and is compatible with all standard TBOS gear using RS 485 polling ports.
TBOS hinges on the time needs of the patient, which are not necessarily the same as the desires of the hospital medical staff.
Three categories are used in TBOS to define requested turnaround time in terms of patient need: desperate, urgent, and non-urgent.
The blood bank's medical director sold TBOS at meeting in the various hospitals with such groups as the transfusion committee, the executive committee, and the medical staff.
We held in-services for hospital nursing staffs, who would translate clinicians' orders into TBOS.
It took about a year and a half to convert the 12 hospitals in our region to TBOS.
TBOS provides educational and consulting services to the entire spinal industry and offers a myriad of services and educational tools to assist the spine professional.