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TBPTo Be Provided/Published
TBPTATA-Box-Binding Protein
TBPTau Beta Pi (National Engineers Honors Society)
TBPThe Black Parade
TBPTo Be Produced
TBPTo Be Printed
TBPTrue Boiling Point
TBPTransferrin Binding Protein
TBPTo Be Proposed
TBPTo Be Precise
TBPTampa Bay Partnership (Tampa, FL)
TBPTumbes, Peru - Tumbes (Airport Code)
TBPTuberculose Pulmonaire (French: Pulmonary Tuberculosis)
TBPTeddy Bear's Picnic (song)
TBPThyroxine-Binding Protein
TBPTotal Body Pain
TBPTotal Base Percentage (baseball statistic; no longer used)
TBPTime Broadcast Pulse
TBPTetra-Butyl Phosphene
TBPTawas Bay Players (Tawas City, MI)
TBPTribattery Pops (New York)
TBPTriangulation-Based Positioning
TBPTurkiye Birlik Partisi
TBPTotal Bollard Pull (boating)
TBPThree Bays Preservation, Inc. (Osterville, MA)
TBPThe Book Partnership (UK)
TBPThe Burning Process
TBPTalking Book Productions (New York, NY)
TBPThe Babylon Project
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In this regard, different PCR studies have been published for the diagnosis of TBP, where handmade and commercial PCR tests have been used, with the use of different kits that do not make the results very homogeneous (12).
TBP having similar severity scores were highly heterogeneous with regard to IFN-[gamma] responses (Figure 2).
Comparing the heritability estimates of the target traits with those of the indicator traits demonstrated that the heritability estimates of the former were relatively low, especially for RCP, TFW, and TBP.
The stable outlook for the rating is based on the maintenance of finance service coverage on the expectation that plant operating performance will normalise and on the assumption that TBP will prudently manage its load requirements going forward.
Bulgaria's Environment Ministry had given TBP until September 30, 2011, to submit anew its environment assessment impact study on the troubled oil pipeline project.
All of the proximal outcomes of these culturally-based program interventions are testable hypotheses because of specific, observable, measurable items in the TBP logic model together with explicit program theory.
El concepto de empatia a menudo se presenta solapado al de TOM, pero, en realidad, ambos son el resultado de procesos independientes, al haberselos estudiado en pacientes con esquizofrenia o TBP (22).
There was an understanding between North East Commercial and TBP previously that led to reciprocation and referral work but the relationship has now been made more robust owing to Michael's links with both Richard Fenwick and Richard Finney.
En 2006, la incidencia de TBP en Colombia fue de 24,6 por 100 000 habitantes (3), mientras que en la ciudad de Medellin ese indicador se elevaba a 32,5 por 100 000 habitantes, por lo que segun la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud (OMS) se debe considerar como una zona de alto riesgo (4).
2008) support our speculation that DBP and TBP, which strongly inhibit larval metamorphosis and survival of the sea urchin S.
Bu makalede cocuklarda TBP bulgulari, tani ve tedavisi gozden gecirilmsitir.
Joanna Michelle Stevens DOB: 22/08/1969 Undertaking: 15/12/2008 6 Years 0 Month(s) Disqualified until: 04/01/2015 Company: TBP (Capital Projects) Limited 05205111 Registered Address: General mechanical engineering 35 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham Creditors Voluntary liquidation: pounds 590,997.