TBPHTo Be Perfectly Honest
TBPHTampa Bay Parrot Head
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TBPH and TBB did not affect FABP4 protein expression in the presence of either MID or MIT (data not shown).
Although TBMEHP was not readily metabolized from its parent TBPH by enzymes in human hepatic S9 fractions or microsomes in our previous in vitro study (Roberts et al.
It might be possible that compounds in dust, such as TBB, TBPH, PBDEs, and DEHP, could be metabolized to PPAR[gamma]-active ligands after incubation, which was supported by the increased binding potency of the prepared MIX containing these chemicals.
However, TBPH is minimally metabolized into the monoester in vivo and in vitro (Patisaul et al.
We focused on the brominated FM550 components, and TBB in particular, because its use is thought to be limited to FM550 and another flame retardant mixture, Firemaster[R] BZ-54, whereas TBPH and the organophosphates in FM550 (i.
Handwipe and dust samples were extracted in the laboratory and analyzed for TBB and TBPH using minor modifications of previously published methods (Stapleton et al.
MDLs for TBB and TBPH measured in handwipes were 3.
Preliminary analyses indicated that concentrations of TBB and TBPH in handwipes and dust and concentrations of TBBA in urine were lognormally distributed.
TBPH is a structural analog of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), a known peroxisome proliferator and male reproductive toxicant in rodents.
Because of the similarity of TBPH to the known developmental reproductive toxicant DEHP, in the present study we focused on this component of Firemaster 550.
TBPH and TBMEHP were synthesized by AsisChem (Watertown, MA).
24) TBB and TBPH have been found in sewage sludge on both U.