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TBSETri-Band Satellite Emulator
TBSETarget Business Systems Environment (US DoD)
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Technology readiness was used to moderate the relationships between TBSE and both service quality and perceived value.
This parameter estimated a positive relationship between the use of TBSE and service quality of provider (H1) ([beta] =.
Results indicated that TBSE had a significant direct effect on service quality and perceived value in the three models.
These findings demonstrate that a complete, useful, and accessible TBSE in a healthcare organisation can reduce staff workload and minimise transaction errors, as well as present an accurate and complete diagnosis.
In contrast to previous studies, H3 was rejected because service quality showed no direct effect on perceived value of TBSE in this study.
However, there does need to be consistency between expected performance and actual performance of the TBSE supplied.
2007), so they can not only use all the functions of the TBSE but also be familiar with its capabilities and capacity to solve operational problems promptly.
Providers can also establish and maintain good reliable reputations by solving TBSE problems promptly.
Service quality The degree of belief on Dabholkar, Shepherd (SQ) clinical staff that the & Thorpe (2000); providers of TBSE have Parasuraman & Grewal tangibles, reliability, (2000); Roses, Hoppen responsiveness, assurance & Henrique (2009) and empathy.
equipment or so-called technology-based service encounters [TBSEs]) are used across the whole clinical pathway, including pharmaceutical products, vaccines, diagnostics, medical equipment, treatments and therapies, and health information technology (IT) systems; and TBSEs such as x-ray machines, physical therapy machines and scanners, play an important role in delivering health services.
TBSEs are at the forefront of those IT systems that directly interact with patients in a healthcare context because clinical staff use them to treat their patients.
The overall evaluation of TBSEs is based on the cumulative user experience of clinical staff derived from their use of these TBSEs in their daily work.