TCAATexas Clay Arts Association
TCAATraditional Cowboy Arts Association
TCAATruck Cap & Accessory Alliance (now Light Truck Accessory Alliance)
TCAATwin City Amateur Astronomers (Normal, IL; est. 1960)
TCAATrichloro Acetic Acid
TCAATile Contractors Association of America, Inc.
TCAATitusville-Cocoa Airport Authority (Florida)
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TTCC, TTCA, TTAA, TCCA, TCAA, and CCAA were labeled as the high-risk group and the others as the low-risk group.
Each mother was thus assigned concentrations (micrograms per liter) for total trihalomethane (TTHM), chloroform, BDCM, DBCM, THMBr, DCAA, TCAA, and BDCAA for each trimester/whole pregnancy.
In cases where children are too poorly to travel, TCAA will fly doctors, nurses and equipment directly to the young patients to deliver the lifesaving treatment and support they need.
Dallas HOA attorney Judd Austin, a TCAA board member, said the legislation would have a "chilling effect on the volunteer spirit of the communities,'' telling the House Business and Industry Committee that the board could handle its own financial affairs without additional state regulations.
Former Mayor Hallman was involved with TCAA for many years as a board member and provided pro-bono legal advice.
In total, Texas' commercial service airports are said to create over 714,720 full-time jobs with annual earnings of around USD20bn and USD45bn in annual economic activity, in this regard TCAA wishes to educate lawmakers and policy makers on the economic contributions of the airports in their regions.
144) It was here that Kinnock explicitly developed the concept of the TCAA (referred to as the Common Aviation Area in most of the speech), a plan that he had first suggested shortly after assuming the office of Transport Commissioner but which had lain dormant during the confrontations with the Member States.
She and TCAA won, identifying CFIDS research funds that were misused by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) between 1995 and 1998.
carinata BBCC): Homoeologous pairing is more pronounced in the three-genome hybrids (TACC, TBAA, TCAA, TCBB) as compared to allodiploids (TA, TB, TC).
For example, previous studies have reported that SGA and decreased birth weight are associated with urine TCAA, a biomarker that reflects ingestion of DBPs in chlorinated drinking water (Costet et al.