TCAPSTraverse City Area Public Schools (Michigan)
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After a year, TCAPS found that two of the three curricula they tested produced a statistically significant improvement in test scores over the old curricula--that is, the differences in performance were large enough that they were highly unlikely to be due to chance.
Staff felt that TCAPS was making the best possible decision for the future of the students, with the associate superintendent calling it the "best experience of his career.
TCAPS plans to extend evidence-based decision making to other areas and is developing a strategic financial plan to guide where evidence-based decision making should be applied.
TCAPS looked at test scores as well as stakeholder satisfaction to assess the curricula.
Similarly, considering the cost of the different math curricula made for a much richer and financially savvy decision for TCAPS.
TCAPS compromised on the randomness of its participants because volunteers would give their full energy to the experiment.
In response to Question 7, 60% specifically wrote that the OTE TCAPS became too hot and/or too tight after a while, typically after 8 to 12 hours of continuous use.
Would you recommend that OTE TCAPS Yes No a unit issue for Soldiers?
Queries to that repository for data of the 2,801 Soldiers who underwent postdeployment hearing tests at Fort Richardson from October 13 to October 21, 2012, indicated that 1,068 were non-OTE TCAPS users assigned to the same units as the 56 OTE TCAPS users who responded to the questionnaire.
A [chi square] analysis compared the STS rate in the group of 56 OTE TCAPS users to the STS rate in the group of 1,068 non-OTE TCAPS users, with the assumption that, given that they were assigned to the same units, a portion of the 2 groups of Soldiers must have gone together on the same missions, and therefore were exposed to a similar level (if not the exact same) of hazardous noise.
The value of this quality assurance data report is that it was initiated at the individual Soldier level, using one of the oldest and most basic OTE TCAPS technologies available.
TEA Headsets Awarded TCAPS Order For INVI SIO X50 System.