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in the TDPO region with respect to the current densities [[?
In [20], the TDPO current density is determined solely by local and time dependent magnetic field strength [[?
Therefore, with the PO projection procedure employed, the coefficients in the TDPO region are expressed as
In (16), the electric field radiated by the TDPO currents is taken into account, while the effects of currents in the TDIE region are included in (15).
However, the linear Equations (20), (29) and (30) are a set of coupled equations and they are not solvable yet, because of the unknown coefficients existing in both TDIE and TDPO regions for current order i.
n,i] are obtained, (20) can be further solved so as to get the unknown coefficients Jp0 in the TDPO regions for current order i.
Since the geometries of objects and TDPO approximations only affect the temporal waveforms of TDIE and TDPO currents rather than the existence and uniqueness of the solution of hybrid TDIE-TDPO method, the convergence and stability properties of MOD scheme are not changed.
Thus, we terminate the MOD formulation (20) for the TDPO region with a specified tolerance [[epsilon].
Therefore, a practical overall stopping criterion for the TDPO region is defined as
The extent of TDIE region in our numerical experiment is the sphere, with the TDPO region on the plate.
The RCS patterns obtained by TDPO and TDIPO are totally different for [[theta].
Through the verification example and other numerical methods, one can find that TDPO is not accurate enough when dealing with complex structure with multiple scattering effects, whereas TDIPO enhanced by TDEEC could give accurate result, showing good agreement with FDTD.