TDSAtribal designated statistical area (US Census Bureau)
TDSATaunton Deane Shooting Association (Taunton, England, UK)
TDSATechnical Directive Status Accounting
TDSATactical Data Systems Administrator
TDSATime Delay-Steered (Antenna) Array
TDSATime-Domain Synchronization Algorithm
TDSAThymidine Dependent Staphylococcus Aureus
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One was the 3rd Field Artillery Regiment which artillery TDSA Dissanayake son of the accused very popular senior DIG consistently maintains in his books and discourses from his knowledge of extremely bloody Middle East coups is a must for success.
Fix: Review the NAVAIR 00-5000, NALDA TDSA (NAT 02), ALSS TD Listing (NAT 04) and Weekly Summary for Issued Interim Technical Directives for TD deficiencies, per OPNAVINST 4790.
Furthermore, given that most Oklahoma American Indians live in TDSAs that encompass most of the state, including Tulsa, we cannot disaggregate changing conditions (e.