TDSHSTexas Department of State Health Services
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Although the TDSHS in Austin considers the arbovirus season in South Texas to be finished in November, the surveillance teams found large numbers of mosquitoes in the months of December and January.
Fritschel is an epidemiologist at the TDSHS Region 2/3 in Arlington, Texas.
In our study, our objectives were to use the Pearl model to analyze TDSHS fecal coliform data sets to determine if the shellfish closure rules actually use the NSSP 14/43 standard or the Pearl limits of 8/26 MPN/100 mL for a five-tube test, and to use the Pearl model to determine which of the two parameters (geometric mean or estimated 90th percentile) is a more sensitive tool to detect the contamination status of shellfish growing areas.
Fecal Coliform Data Set The fecal coliform data set consists of 6,865 fecal coliform samples collected by TDSHS from 52 shellfish sampling stations in the seven Texas bays from April 30, 2001, to December 9, 2010.
Receipt of eight additional case reports in July prompted ATCDHHS to seek assistance from TDSHS.
No additional follow-up by TDSHS or CDC is anticipated.
In August 2008, TDSHS, CDC, and ATCDHHS initiated an epidemiologic investigation into the emergence of murine typhus in Austin.
Confirmatory tests for suspected human cases were performed at a variety of private commercial laboratories; results were then verified by subsequent testing at the TDSHS Laboratory, Austin, Texas, USA, the Rickettsial Zoonoses Branch Diagnostic Laboratory at CDC, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, or both.
NPDS and TDSHS provided CDC with information on all storm-related CO-related calls to poison centers during the surveillance period originating from Texas counties that were declared federal disaster areas.
In addition to providing poison center call data, TDSHS also provided CDC with information on storm-related deaths with CO exposure listed as the cause of death.
Approaches used by the TDSHS in its Texas Tobacco Prevention Initiative worked well in promoting recommended school practices to reduce tobacco use and addiction.
In Cameron County, Texas, where Brownsville is the county seat, TDSHS identified 24 additional cases of laboratory-confirmed dengue [fever.