TDVTanz der Vampire (German: Dance of the Vampire)
TDVTest Device
TDVTeen Dating Violence
TDVTony De Vit
TDVToyota de Venezuela (Spanish: Venezuela Toyota)
TDVThe Digital Village (digital media/communications company; UK; est. 1994)
TDVTime Dependent Valuation (energy)
TDVTDVision (high definition stereo 3D acquisition, broadcast and playback)
TDVTriple Duty Valve
TDVThéatre de Verre (French: Glass Theater; France)
TDVTruth, Duty, Valour (motto of The Royal Military College of Canada)
TDVTruth Duty Valour (TV show)
TDVTechnische Dienstvorschrift (German Army)
TDVTotal Document Volume (office automation)
TDVThéatre des Variétés (French: Variety Theater; Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
TDVTechnology Development Vehicle
TDVTemporary Design Variation
TDVTechnical Data Violation (USAF)
TDVTime Dependent Variable
TDVTorrent de Vie (French: Torrent Life; Brussels, Belgium; est. 1995)
TDVTête De Veau (French: calf head)
TDVTechnical Data Verification
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Choliz y Marco (2011) describen los aspectos de la construccion del TDV, reportan su alta confiabilidad y en cuanto a la estructura interna, senalan en un primer momento que
These data support phase III evaluation of the efficacy and safety of TDV given in a two-dose schedule 3 months apart, with analyses that take into account baseline age and dengue serostatus.
Recently, the TDV values have shifted to account for all the renewables on the grid, and they will likely shift more as the generation mix changes.
It should be noted that the energy use for the domestic hot water is not included in the HVAC Site Energy or TDV Energy in the tables because California Energy Commission required a special tool (not EnergyPlus) to calculate such energy use.
TDV = total vote for Democratic candidate in the year indicated
A divulgacao de desempenho em sustentabilidade empresarial parece aderir aos pressupostos relativos aos beneficios adicionais percebidos pelas empresas, conforme indicado pela TDV e apontado por Silva e Quelhas (2006, p.
TDV, on the other hand, "implies that the athletes/players are being provided with the appropriate learning/practice conditions to promote and realize their potential in a specific sport" (Lidor et al.
Un urre ntry uper TDV TDVI Under the bonnet, there's a choice of current Range Rover engines - from the entry-level TDV6 diesel to the supercharged V8 petrol engine and TDV8 interesting to see how low engineers managed to get the consumption compared current car with more less the same engines.
10) Las acciones ordinarias Clase D de CANTV se cotizaban en la Bolsa de Valores de Caracas (BVC) bajo el "ticker" TDV.
In other words, if you can see the home from the hill, TDV can provide the service.
In 1983, TDV set up the TDV Islam Ansiklopedisi Genel Mudurlugu, or the General Directorate of TDV Encyclopedia of Islam in Istanbul.
TDV 29 Mayis Ozel Ankara Hastanesi, Dermatoloji Klinigi, Ankara, Turkiye