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TEACHTeacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education
TEACHTechnology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002
TEACHToxicity and Exposure Assessment for Children (US EPA)
TEACHThe Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers (Connecticut)
TEACHThe Education and Curriculum Homesite (Great Lakes Commission; Ann Arbor, MI)
TEACHTo Encourage and Challenge Homeschoolers (web magazine)
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In others, you may need to teach faculty how to access students' personal Web sites and use what they see there to encourage a cross-pollination of ideas inside and outside of the online course.
His response during the second administration indicated significant consideration should be given to what children already knew before choosing a new concept to teach.
My answer is that we continue to teach an American history of meaning, one that integrates social history along with political and economic history.
1 percent of the respondents (more than triple the percentage from the 1982 study) reported: "They had no idea how their students learned to use the library and felt no responsibility to teach them" (Thomas, 1994, p.
The results of this study indicate that personnel in 70% of the sheltered workshops in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada attempt to teach job responsibility and social-vocational competencies in addition to task production competence to workers with mental retardation.
Friends of my mother wanted me to teach their children.
The board ultimately decided against formulating a district-wide policy, leaving the question of what to teach about evolution up to local schools.
Even if certified teachers are generally more effective than uncertified teachers, such a policy only makes sense if we believe that uncertified applicants are uniformly incompetent to teach or that scho ol administrators cannot be trusted to assess their competence.
Los Angeles has several programs, including a District Intern Program, which is essentially the emergency program to create teachers over two years while they teach in the classroom.
You will most likely learn to teach by teaching and will receive little instruction in pedagogical technique.
There is no question here of the Catholic Church's authority to teach infallibly.
And while it takes five years to qualify to teach in most states, Clinton proposes sending those national service recruits into the classroom with just eight weeks of training.