TEBsTerminal End Bud Structures
TEBSToronto English Business School (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
TEBSTotal Exchangeable Body Sodium
TEBSTyco Electronics Battery System (Tyco Electronics Corp.)
TEBSTransurethral Electrical Bladder Stimulation (urology)
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1 can also be integrated with other automated software deployment applications, other new features also include import and export of relevant test environment information (in an excel spreadsheet) to and from tebs respectively.
There is also the option of purchasing and installing tebs version 2.
A common measurement in mammary whole mounts is the number of TEBs.
Some agents alter the pace at which differentiation occurs, leading to an increased or decreased number of TEBs depending on timing of assessment.
We used analysis of variance to evaluate the fixed effects of HFD and maternal TCDD exposure and their interaction on branch elongation, fat pad length, number of TEBs in PND35 and PND49 mammary glands, and Comt, Ccdn1, Cypla1, Cyp1a1, Cyp1a2, Cyp1b1, Insig1.
The combined effects of maternal TCDD and HFD exposures on the number of TEBs at PND35 deviated significantly from an additive model (p < 0.
The TEBS vehicle allows Freddie Mac to bring the efficiencies of the capital markets to affordable housing," said Clayton Davis, Freddie Mac's director of Structured & Affordable Sourcing.
The LOEL for the number and area of TEBs occurred at a lower dose than in CD-1 females.
With maturation, TEBs either differentiate into alveolar buds (which comprise type I and II lobules) or regress to terminal ducts.
Although TEB had differentiated and lobules were regressing in control animals at PND60 (maturity), differentiation within the fat pad of exposed animals was hindered as treatment dose was increased.