TECATechnology for Agriculture (FAO initiative)
TECAThermoElectric Cooling America Corporation
TECATennessee Electric Cooperative Association
TECATexas Education Consumers Association
TECATower En-Route Control Area
TECATax-Exempt Fund of California
TECAThreat Evaluation Countermeasures Agent
TECATax-Exempt Capital Accumulator bonds
TECATomahawk Environmental Calculation Aid
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TECA Bahrain chapter held a condolence meeting at Kalavara Restaurant, Salmaniya, last night.
To date, the government has won well over 90 percent of the cases that reached TECA.
Clifford "Kip" Marlow, TECA President, says, "It is exciting to see the growing interest from entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to learn and are looking for education and networking.
He has also held senior executive positions at TECA Corporation, Picker International, and Johnson & Johnson.
3 (1) Under TECA, customers of TNMP Electric in Texas have the ability to choose First Choice or any other REP to provide energy.