TECATechnology for Agriculture (FAO initiative)
TECAThermoElectric Cooling America Corporation
TECATennessee Electric Cooperative Association
TECATexas Education Consumers Association
TECATower En-Route Control Area
TECATax-Exempt Fund of California
TECAThreat Evaluation Countermeasures Agent
TECATax-Exempt Capital Accumulator bonds
TECATomahawk Environmental Calculation Aid
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Table 1 Mean and standard deviation of the different TMMS and TECA scales in the pretest and follow-up phases Pretest Follow-up CG EG CG Variable M SD M SD M SD TMMS Attention 24.
Comparacion entre estudiantes con bajo o alto riesgo de presentar malestar psicologico con respecto a la empat a (TECA) y las estrategias de afrontamiento (CRI-A) Estudiantes con Estudiantes con bajo riesgo de alto riesgo de malestar malestar psicologico psicologico (n = 45) (n = 45) Media DE Media DE TECA Adopcion de Perspectivas 51.
Ademas, al igual que el TECA este nuevo instrumento permite diferenciar entre la adopcion de perspectiva cognitiva y afectiva e incluye el componente de alegria empatica.
Para la elaboracion del cuestionario TECA-NA se partio de un instrumento previo de evaluacion de la empatia en adultos, el TECA (Lopez-Perez, et al.
TECA Bahrain chapter held a condolence meeting at Kalavara Restaurant, Salmaniya, last night.
To date, the government has won well over 90 percent of the cases that reached TECA.
He has served as a past officer in the Kansas Technology Education Association and has been the PSU TECA advisor and TECA Southwest Region Coordinator for 12 years.
Rod Thompson, an associate professor in the Department of Secondary Education at University of Wyoming-Casper will also be joining the Board as the TECA (Technology Education Collegiate Association) Director.
As per Mike Knotts, director of government affairs for TECA, "We are thrilled to add Alex to our team.
There will also be the customary offering of specialized sessions for CC, CSL, TECC, EPT, and TECA.