TECASTexas Educational Center for Advertising Software (advertising media effectiveness tool)
TECASTeacher Education Candidate Assessment System (New York)
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Finnish elevator and escalator maker KONE Corporation (OMX Helsinki:KNEBV) said on Thursday (13 November) that it has agreed to acquire the Spanish elevator company TECAS SA for an undisclosed sum.
TECAS, based in Valencia, sells, installs and maintains elevators, specialising in existing buildings.
The strategy of the TECAS ITN involves the use of functionalised 3D scaffolds, which have been seeded with either differentiated stromal cells or adult mesenchymal stem cells derived from the intended recipient, and either physically conditioned in the laboratory in bioreactors, with a view to producing biological and biomechanical functionality of the graft prior to implantation, or used unseeded with a view to attracting endogenous cell colonisation after implantation.