TECUTESS (Tactical Engagement Simulation System) Electronic Control Unit
TECUTractor Electronic Control Unit
TECUTotal Electron Content Units
TECUThe Education Credit Union (est. 1935; Amarillo, TX)
TECUTransmission Electronic Control Unit (vehicle gearboxes)
TECUTexaco Employees Credit Union (Ireland)
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Puede observarse tambien una relacion inversa entre las evaluaciones del TSCU con el TECU (-0.
Igualmente, se observa tambien una relacion inversa entre las evaluaciones del TSPU con el TECU (-0.
395) correspondientes a la dimension cognoscitiva y relaciones directas con el TECU (0.
77 (Test del Sistema Personal Universitario) TECU 0.
With the help of analysts from Card Services for Credit Unions, the association of credit unions which process payments with FIS, TECU decided to reissue its Visa card program with a rewards program that would both attract younger area residents as well as please older credit union members, the executives said.
TECU dubbed the reissued card The Care Card and executives reported that it has been a relatively speedy success.
We knew that the younger generation often made financial decisions based not just on value but also on their ideals," explained TECU CEO Chuck Bullock.
TECU also cut the interest rates on the new card, which helped make it more attractive to existing members as well, the executives said.
Since offering The Care Card, TECU has more than doubled new credit card accounts year over year, and grown total outstanding balances by almost 18%, which includes a net sales volume increase of 17.
As of the end of March of this year, TECU had 688 card accounts worth roughly $1.
Se puede ver como desaparece practicamente el gradiente horizontal de vTEC Este-Oeste y tambien el gradiente Norte-Sur, quedando en toda la region valores del vTEC entre 10 y 20 TECus (salvo en el Norte de Egipto donde se alcanzan los 25TECus) mientras que para un dia tranquilo en la region mas Sureste se encuentran valores que superan los 55 TECus y en las regiones mas al Oeste en tomo a los 20TECus.