TEEALThe Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (Cornell University)
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TEEAL is available for purchase at a low cost, and is solely for education and research in public and non-profit institutions in eligible-income countries.
A good example of this resource sharing is TEEAL (The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library), which allows access to all available agricultural journals.
Table 1: Profile of University Library, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike Year Established 1994 Library Collection Monographs - 18,088 volumes Academic Journal Titles 100 (excluding e-journals) Other periodicals (eg Newspapers, news bulletins, etc) 674 No of monographs/off prints many, mainly donated ICT Facilities Online subscriptions AGORA, TEEAL, EBSCO-HOST Functional Computers - 10 Functional Printer - 3 TEEAL CD-ROMs - 460 World Development Sources CD-ROMs 10 International Agric research Library CD-ROMs 16 CD-ROMs in other subjects.
TEEAL is a collection of 130 major agricultural journals, contained in 426 CD-ROMs.
The library is also subscribed to TEEAL (The essential electronic agricultural library) a full text document delivery service covering some 70 frequently cited journals.