TEEBThe Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity
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This work attracted international attention and Sukhdev began a TEEB project housed in the United Nations Environ- ment Programme.
NEW BAR VETO: Liverpool's Mathew Street, where new bars could be banned from opening; right: Cllr Steve Radford Main picture: ANDREW TEEB AY TARGET: Liverpool city centre's Concert Square
TEEB urges companies to support sustainable use and management of biodiversity as an integral part of their business plans.
A project initiated by the Group of 8 leading industrialised nations known as The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, or TEEB, being released in Nagoya makes the case for bringing these factors into the economic calculus as C much as possible.
On a larger scale, the TEEB project reckons the annual value contributed by global wetlands at $3.
With the case for business involvement in biodiversity being particularly strong after the release of the TEEB for Business report on July 13, the Ethical BioTrade Awards for biodiversity are an opportunity for companies in the food sector to differentiate themselves by showing their commitment to biodiversity and gaining recognition for it.
IPCC, Stern Review); Cambridge Econometrics' MDM-E3 model; the EU's TEEB study, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.
Approach : TEEB India Initiative The project supports the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) of the Government of India in implementing the TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) India initiative.
Many of these are looking to translate the global TEEB findings into their national context, with Brazil and India in the vanguard.
The TEEB report was released in Nagoya, Japan, where delegates from 193 countries are meeting at a UN summit in an effort to map out a strategy to stop humans from driving species to extinction.
The same principle can apply for a country's natural capital", said Pavan Sukhdev, Chair, TEEB Advisory Board and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador, at the launch of the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Scoping Study for Georgia taking place in Tbilisi today.
TEEB is urging governments to factor these wider benefits into a forest carbon finance package in order to maximize the return of an agreement in Copenhagen into the future.