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TEEMTexas Early Education Model
TEEMTheological Education for Emerging Ministries (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Chicago, IL)
TEEMTeachers Evaluating Educational Multimedia (UK)
TEEMTraining, Education, Employment, and Management (est. 1997; North Dakota)
TEEMTwo-phase Extended Evaluation in Microgravity
TEEMTanned Erythrocyte Electrophoretic Mobility Test (cancer diagnostic tool)
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Stephen Brookfield, a scholar in the field of education, was invited in 2009 to assess the effectiveness of the TEEM program of the ELCA in the Western Mission Cluster.
To aid in this, a chapel is at the center of the TEEM complex.
TEEM is defined on the ELCA website as "a process by which the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American approves for the roster of ordained ministers those persons 'who by reason of age and prior experience' (Constitution 7.
The Dreem Teem, propelled to fame by their Radio One Sunday slot, is made up of DJ Spoony, Timmy Magic and Mikee B.
This final report describes activities and accomplishments of National TEEM Outreach, a 3-year project designed to support the inclusion of young children with disabilities in kindergarten and subsequent general education classrooms in 12 school districts located in 5 states.
Scientists say they're strikingly similar to those on Earth--which teem with fossils, preserved living remains.
We want the entire escarpment to teem with crosses," said Switon, who two years ago faced court investigations for alleged anti-Semitic activities.
Our goal with teem was to develop a product that is flexible and scalable, so that it fits seamlessly into our customer's environment," said Mark Kelly, president of ACT Conferencing.
This is but one example of outrageous exploits that teem with Celtic love of life.