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TEFTracheoesophageal Fistula
TEFTest d'Evaluation de Français (French: Evaluation Test of French; language assessment test)
TEFThermic Effect of Food
TEFTranscriptional Enhancer Factor
TEFTransfert Electronique de Fonds (French: Electronic Funds Transfer)
TEFToxicity Equivalency Factor
TEFTime-Energy-Frequency (acoustics)
TEFTritium Extraction Facility
TEFTransient Energy Function
TEFTrailing Edge Flap
TEFTax Elected Fund (UK)
TEFTest and Evaluation Facility
TEFTesting Effort Function
TEFThermoelectric Freezer
TEFThermal Electric Freezer
TEFThermo-Electric Fan
TEFThe Enterprise Foundation
TEFTARP Echo Function
TEFTonnes of Equivalent Fuel
TEFTransverse Electric Field
TEFThreat Evaluation Function
TEFTop Entry Flanged (ball type valves)
TEFTotal Equipment Failure
TEFTerrain Exposure Factor
TEFTechnical Evaluation Forum
TEFToilet Extract Fan
TEFThe Enchanted Forest
TEFTexas Enterprise Fund
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The Ethernet Alliance's TEF gives these two groups the opportunity to come together to explore the industry's needs and may provide the basis for launching future standardization efforts.
To evaluate the TEF approach for the prediction of cancer risk, the National Toxicology Program (NTP) conducted multiple 2-year lifetime rat bioassays to evaluate the chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity of DLCs and structurally related PCBs and mixtures of these compounds.
Sponsored by Broadcom, Opnext and TE Connectivity, the TEF is designed to foster industry discussion.
The third-year target under the TEF agreement is 4,000 new jobs since the start of 2005.
TEF and Oncor will limit the dividends paid by Oncor through December 31, 2012, to an amount not to exceed Oncor's net income (determined in accordance with GAAP), subject to certain defined adjustments.
In particular, the timing of the closing of the merger is subject to satisfaction of the conditions to closing contained in the merger agreement, including, among other things, the performance by TXU and TEF of their obligations under the merger agreement.
I look forward to continuing to work with TEF and TXU as they implement this commitment," said Fairfield Mayor Roy Hill.
In addition, TEF confirmed today its commitment to hold a majority of its ownership stake in the company for a minimum of five years from closing, and that Oncor will not incur any new debt to finance the merger transaction at closing or thereafter.
5 million already spent on a palm tree maintenance programme for that stretch of the North Coast Highway, which runs from the Sangster International Airport round-about to Iberostar Hotel in Lilliput, this is the largest investment by the TEF in any single project in the Montego Bay area.
Upon successful completion of the merger agreement, TEF will enhance TXU Energy's programs to assist eligible low- income customers by creating TXU Energy Access, a comprehensive relief program.
The TEF aims to ensure companies provide a minimum number of jobs to Texas and reach certain financial goals.