TEHATurkey Erythrocyte Hemagglutination Test (hepatitis B test)
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162 and president of TEHA in 1984, is one of those leaders.
Finally, any discussion of TEHA history would not be complete without discussion of I.
TEHA, now more than 1,000 members strong and with a current member now sitting on the NEHA Board of Directors, is proud of its purpose, its accomplishments, and its history.
The tests have been performed in Vao Paas, Paekivitoodete tehas and Aru Louna limestone quarries and Pohja Kivioli, KNC Ubja and Narva oil shale surface mines and in Estonian underground mines.
I think those who make a lot of noise about it over-estimate the danger," said Boris Oks, deputy director of the Paekivitoode Tehas limestone factory behind the open-pit project.
Jarvakandi tehased, tehas Punane Ret ja Tallinna Mooteriistade Tehas said aktid seoses pakendamisreeglite eiramisega, mis pohjustas transportimisel kauba kahjustusi.
Tekstiilivabrik, tekstiilivabrik Punane Koit, Parnu ja Valga omblusvabrik, jalanoude ning kummivabrik Pohjala, Tallinna Juveelitehas, plastmasstoodete tehas Estoplast ja paljud puidutootlemistoostuse ettevotted.