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TELEXTelephone Exchange
TELEXTeletypewriter Exchange
TELEXTeleprinter Exchange
TELEXThunderstorm Electrification and Lightning Experiment (US NOAA)
TELEXTelecommunication Exchange
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Nine has a long history with RTS Telex dating back to early Nine outside broad-cast trucks where we started off using the CS9500 frames and KP95 key panels which in those days were considered cutting-edge, fitting into a 50-port matrix.
Batelco has advised financial institutions using Telex for SWIFT transactions to use the SWIFTNet Mail service provided by SWIFT.
The Telex Legacy system is essential in a wireless network system," Gubser said.
We believe the acquisition of Telex by Bosch, a forward-looking company, will give our employees and business associates an opportunity to develop further in a growth oriented environment," said Raymond V.
Lower Costs: EasyLink is among the world's largest Telex providers.
The copy of the telex given to Mr Major appears to have been faxed on 7th February 1994 from 'CINTAGLANGLEY' (Central Intelligence Agency, based in Langley, Virginia).
Software was needed that would enable Ingersoll-Rand employees to transmit telex documents from their PCs, allowing them to bypass the unwieldy handoff and re-keying process.
Among the service features are RediList, which allow users to store address lists and send the same message to many people at once without retyping, copying, addressing and stuffing envelopes; and NiteCast, which offers the same convenience but sends telex and other messages at night when costs are lowest.
Telex has upwards of 70 percent market share in commercial aviation headsets," said Steve Parker, product manager for aviation headsets at Telex.
Partnering with Telex allows us the opportunity to broaden our product portfolio and provide a stronger solution for our customers," said Michael E.
The French TRT Group (Telecommunications Radioelectriques et Telephoniques) and the US International Commerce and Communications both tendered for the Kaolack-Banjul-Ziguinchou-Cacheau link, which comprises a 960-channel microwave telephone, telex and 625-line television link between Kaolack, Senegal and Banjul, about 60 miles away in Gambia, and on another 75 miles to Ziguinchou, Senegal.
Telex continues to demonstrate its dedication to the high school and collegiate game with revolutionary products like the new, aptly named Telex Legacy[TM].