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TELEXTelephone Exchange
TELEXTeletypewriter Exchange
TELEXTeleprinter Exchange
TELEXThunderstorm Electrification and Lightning Experiment (US NOAA)
TELEXTelecommunication Exchange
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The key for the resumption of talks is not having a navigational telex on Turkey's part," Christodoulides said.
They have been using Telex for daily web browsing for the past four months and tested it with a Beijing client who was able to access YouTube, which is blocked in China.
Again based on a Telex 132x132 Adam matrix, the playout centre system also includes KP12 panels, KP32 panels, PAP32 panels, RVON-16 16 channel VoIP card kits and TIF 2000A telephone hybrid interfaces.
Those willing to use Telex should contact service providers outside Bahrain.
In addition, the Telex Legacy system provides three audio channels: Offense, Defense, and Offense/Defense combined.
Telex is a reportedly a manufacturer and supplier of professional audio, wireless, life safety and communication systems.
One of EasyLink International's lines of business is providing Telex Network outsourcing services to carriers around the world.
Hamilton received the documents (but no authenticated telex as required by the LC) on July 22, 1996.
In the early 1970s, he bought a Telex machine and founded the Daily Woodwire.
The European Commission's Merger Task Force confirmed on September 7 that it has received a formal notification from the telecommunications service firm, Telex, and information technology supplier EDS over its proposed takeover of Teleclient, a call centre service company.
But as the singer and songwriter of the Macedonian new-wave band called Telex, he did what no Albanian had previously done: sell records to non-Albanians without changing the language of the songs.
A telex purporting to suggest that US and British intelligence agencies might have known in advance about the Lockerbie bombing is a forgery, a US investigation has concluded.