TelfTeléfono (Spanish: telephone)
TELFTamil Eelam Liberation Front (Sri Lanka)
TELFTracheal Epithelial Lining Fluid
TELFTactical Extremely Low Frequency
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Xt = RGFCF, TELF, TOC, TEC, TGC, IR] and [Xt = TELF, RGFCF, TOC, TGC, TEC, ACRDT] for Model-1 and Model-2 and t denotes time indicator.
Mikoliunas robbed Telf er on the left and raced in on goal.
All he is doing is picking up the pieces Strac and Richardson left behind only good thing Gord did was take Willo and Telf with him
However, it will not be easy as the Blue Square North will be even more professional and competitive this season with the likes of Boston United, Southport and AFC Telf ord involved.
CELTIC star Paul Telf er last night insisted he has no problem with fans booing him.
CELTIC - Marshall, Wilson, McManus, Caldwell, Telf er, Petrov, Lennon (Sno 45), Jarosik (Pearson 60), McGeady, Miller (Riordan 73), Virgo (Beattie 35, Quinn 65).
Apart from Telf and Geech's efforts with the Lions, we made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup in 1991 while Telfer's swansong as Scotland coach was some stirring displays in the 1999 World Cup and winning the last Five Nations.
James Beattie and Marian Pahars, two players who Gordon ironically tried to bring to City, are looking the part, Telf is looking terrific and Willo is still doing what Willo does - a tidy player and good pro.
Telf would have had a contribution to make if he had been here but with the players in the squad at the moment, I am not convinced he would have got in the team.
On top of Telf, Gordon Strachan has made it clear that his assistant Garry Pendrey is not media friendly either
Hospital porter Telf Fogerty raised his hat to the beginning of a pounds 27m health project.
It would be nice for Telf if he decides to go and we wish him all the very best," he said.