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Tell them I think of them by day, pray for them by night, and find my best comfort in their affection at all times.
Well, if he can tell us how to find the buried city of Kurzon and the--the things in it," said Tom, "he's all right
If I'll tell you how I know the niggers will see each other again inside of two weeks -- here in this house -- and PROVE how I know it -- will you go to Mr.
It's God's own truth, jes as I tell you--two hund'd dollahs-- I wisht I may never stir outen my tracks if it ain't so.
I can't be at the trouble of looking back to see; so, if I have told you, I tell you again.
I will tell your Majesty, if you will do me the honour to listen," answered the vizir.
Go, old woman, and tell the Crab I will give him my daughter if by to-morrow morning he can build a wall in front of my castle much higher than my tower, upon which all the flowers of the world must grow and bloom.
I wish I were with you, dear, sitting by the fire undressing, as we used to sit, and I would try to tell you what I feel.
And Minerva said, "Father, son of Saturn, King of kings, if, then, the gods now mean that Ulysses should get home, we should first send Mercury to the Ogygian island to tell Calypso that we have made up our minds and that he is to return.
Yes, you will meet her soon, for the sunlight told me she was near; tell her we long to see her again, and are waiting to welcome her back," said the blue flower, dancing for joy on her stem, as she nodded and smiled on the Spirit.
He mentioned several persons who had a share in the settlement of our country, and who would be well worthy of remembrance, if we could find room to tell about them all.
Some people are under the impression that all that is required to make a good fisherman is the ability to tell lies easily and without blushing; but this is a mistake.