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Beginning in late 2000, the Uzans requested to reschedule loan payments and initiated a campaign of fraudulent tactics in an effort to conceal from Motorola the fact that the Uzans had stolen more than US$1 billion from Telsim.
5% of Telsim stock should be deposited with the court, which was ignored.
HESA states that the then-government, a three-party-coalition, signed two licensing contracts with the GSM operators Turkcell and Telsim in 1998.
At the end of last year the UK's Vodafone out-muscled its Arab competitors to win the race for Turkish mobile operator Telsim.
MTS has bid for Turkey's Telsim, but lost to Vodafone.
As previously agreed with Telsim and the Turkish Savings and Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF), which currently controls and manages Telsim's assets, Nokia would receive a settlement payment upon completion of the sale.
At an earlier hearing a US judge said their Telsim company, chaired by Hakan Uzan, was guilty of a "huge fraud".
The CEO of Telsim TL, Hakan Uzan, has called on Motorola Inc to meet him in Switzerland to resolve the rancorous litigation between the two companies.
The defendants are four members of a wealthy and powerful Turkish family who (among other substantial business interests) own a telecommunications company, Telsim Mobil Telekomunikayson Hizmetleri A.
The businessman had failed to appear for a hearing connected to the long-running case in which Uzan's company, Turkish phone operator Telsim, stand accused of defaulting on massive debts.
This is the third mobile telephone network in Turkey, after those run by the Turkish companies Turkcell and Telsim, with respectively 6.