TEMIATelecommunications Expense Management Industry Association
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Etelesolv has been a full member of TEMIA since 2009.
TEMIA has grown to 40 members with several international TEM, WEM, MDM suppliers over the world who manage over $36 billion of telecom and data spend.
TEMIA is actively seeking a broad range of members.
The formation of TEMIA comes at exactly the right point in the advancement of the TEM industry," says Eric Goodness, Research Vice President for Gartner, Inc.
The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) is pleased to welcome Trent McCracken as Secretary and Executive Board member," stated Joe Basili, Managing Director of TEMIA.
Association members can provide unique data that can be mined for valuable industry benchmarks to further the mission and objectives of TEMIA," stated Joe Basili.
TEMIA programs will focus on research to identify, develop, and promote industry best practices and provide enterprises with valuable unbiased information.
TEMIA is recommending that telecommunications customers remind their carriers that telecommunications is a competitive industry that provides consumers with the right to choose and pursue practices and assistance that are in their own best interest.
TEMIA members manage more than $29 billion of wireless, voice and data telecom expenditures annually.
corporations believe that telecom expense management is an important investment that will help them increase their bottom line," said David Spofford, President of TEMIA.
Avotus, a founding charter member of TEMIA, and other leading TEM providers, launched TEMIA in February of 2007.