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TENONSThe Environmental Network of North Somerset (North Somerset, UK)
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Exploratory study of the withdrawal resistance of round mortise and tenon joints with steel pipe cross pins.
Specimens with 2-inch diameter tenons were constructed of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), southern yellow pine (P.
But when it comes to joinery, several of the most popular methods, including mortise and tenon, rabbet joints and dovetailing, have come to us straight out of history.
These grooves are also used as he mortises that accept the tenon ends of the stiles and rails.
While the loose tenon joint is simple to machine, an added benefit is that the elimination of tenons in traditional M&T constructed furniture can improve material utilization.
Drill the holes for the dowel pins that lock the tenons, and glue in the dowels.
Henredon's strict quality standards require that tenons be double-checked with a pair of calipers.
Corner posts with 2-inch tenons were constructed of standard and better Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), No.
Mortises were drilled in the posts with a 19/32-inch (15 mm) drill bit so that a tight shrink-fit could be obtained when the tenons were inserted in the holes.
To obtain additional information on the performance of round mortise and tenon joints constructed with pipe cross pins, a series of withdrawal tests was undertaken in which joints with 2-, 3-, and 4-inch tenons were cross pinned with heavy-walled pipes that were about half of the diameter of the tenons.
First, the king-post tenon and the end-rafter tenons intersect in the ridge beam.
In addition, tests were needed to determine whether cross-pinning of tenons is feasible, either as a back-up measure to enhance structural integrity in case of inadequate gluing or glue bond failure, or as a substitute for gluing in areas where adhesives may be unduly costly and in short supply.