TENORMTechnologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (natural materials in which the concentration of radioactive material is enhanced)
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The sludge-related services agreed to in todays contract will be provided in addition to the construction and operation-maintenance of that facility, which includes the scope of low-level TENORM waste segregation.
Segregation and disposal of TENORM waste in a safe and reliable manner to an approved landfill is key to Anteros operations, said Al Schopp, SVP and Chief Administrative Officer for Antero Resources.
TENORM can be present in drilling wastes and flowback fluids associated with oil and gas development, and PADEP found that TENORM levels from hydraulic fracturing drilling wastes could likely be handled as solid wastes instead of as hazardous wastes.
TENORM is not federally regulated like nuclear and medical waste, which is often more radioactive.
The 50 picocurie per gram limit comes from a health department-commissioned study by Argonne National Laboratory, which found a landfill worker exposed to TENORM at a rate of 51.
The waste is referred to as TENORM, an acronym for Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material.
TENORM occurs when the levels of radioactivity or potential for human exposure are increased by human activities, such as oil and gas activities.
During that time, the entity responsible for producing the TENORM is supposed to seek a landfill that is permitted to accept the material.