TENVTotally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (motors)
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5kW have been installed, either as TENV or TEFC machines.
TENV -- A totally enclosed non-ventilated motor is also used in materials handling applications where another source of ventilation to cool the motor is available.
The IQ Intelligent motors are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 500 hp, constant or variable speed, 180-449 frames, in PROT, TEFC, or TENV enclosures, and in XE premium-efficiency designs.
TEFC, TENV, and ODP * An operating range of 178 Key Features
The TENV Vector Duty Motor line is designed for use in applications where energy efficiency and 1000:1 constant torque ratio is required.
TENV motors are preferred because tachometer feedback units generally use Hall Effect transistors which are very sensitive to contaminants such as dust.
Features include a Protech bearing isolator used for the output shaft seal; minimal exterior fasteners due to no through-bolt design and screw-on conduit box covers; patent pending designs on the screw-on conduit box cover on the TENV motors and the bearing carrier used on the output shaft of the motors; O-ring sealed openings on the conduit box covers and rotor/cartridge covers; rigid cast base for rugged applications; and a full fact nameplate laser etched to the motor frame making frame surface smooth, which eliminates areas that trap contaminants.
Hub City has partnered with LEESON Electric to produce a stainless steel WASHGUARD motor that features an integral non-protruding rear conduit box on the 56C frame size TENV motors.
These fan-cooled or TENV permanent magnet dc motor units have voltage options ranging from 12 to 48 V with output rpm of 180 to 360.
Baldor's Super-E brake motors are TEFC (totally enclosed fan-cooled) designs, and the CEWDBM washdown models are also TENV (totally enclosed non-ventilated).
Shown is the Model RVM-22E (22" screen diameter) which is driven by a 1/2HP 3,600RPM TENV vibrating motor.