TEPJFTribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federación (Spanish: Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation; Mexico)
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1, the TEPJF officially invalidated the election and called for scheduling a special election as soon as possible.
Along with its decision to invalidate the election, the TEPJF asked the federal electoral crimes prosecuting agency (Fiscalia Especializada para la Atencion de Delitos Electorales, FEPADE) to investigate which individuals were responsible for the misuse of the electoral lists.
The final TEPJF ruling was the latest in a series of decisions from the court.
In the address, the president endorsed the TEPJF decision and took a moment to urge Mexicans to support Pena Nieto in all "essential matters.
The quotas are not sufficient," said the ex-legislator, who currently heads the TEPJF division that deals with gender equity.
This was a joint effort by the legislative branch and the electoral authorities, both the IFE and the TEPJF.
said the proof would also be presented to other competent authorities besides the TEPJF.
In a partial setback for the center-left coalition, the TEPJF ruled on July 18 that the use of Pena Nieto's image on the Soriana and Monex cards was a legitimate campaign practice consistent with Mexican electoral law.
The TEPJF said the PRI also violated electoral laws by having Lazaro Medina appear with outgoing Morelia Mayor Fausto Vallejo at a rally broadcast on pay television just before the election.
The TEPJF ordered the Michoacan state electoral institute (Instituto Electoral de Michoacan, IEM) to schedule a new election as soon as possible.
In a decision handed down just days before the election, the TEPJF ruled that there is some evidence that Avila might have bent the rules but that any violations "had only a minor impact on the possible voters in Mexico state.
Following the TEPJF ruling, the PGR appealed to the Chamber of Deputies not to swear in Godoy Toscano, which agreed to look into the request but was noncommittal on what action it would take.