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TEPSTest of English Proficiency (Seoul National University; Seoul, South Korea)
TEPSTivoli Enterprise Portal Server
TEPSTechnical Publications System
TEPSTravellers Entry Processing System (Canada)
TEPSThe Extended Perfect Storm
TEPSTriple Energy Postural Stabilization
TEPSTotal Evaluation Performance System
TEPSTelerobotic Electrical Power Subsystem
TEPSTransportable EPROM Programming Station
TEPSTax Exception Processing System
TEPSTechnical/Electronic Publishing System
TEPSTest & Evaluation Plan Summary
TEPSTaxpayer Education Publications Service
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Lindenmayer stated that discussions with TEPS are more advanced than those with DPI, but that no formal agreement has yet been signed with either company.
Once the fleet testing results are in place and the due diligence phase is completed, which also includes a review of the various patents held by DPI and TEPS, IFT expects to start formal negotiations with each company.
This problem of air pollution from internal combustion engines is too serious for the market to wait for individual efforts such as IFT, DPI and TEPS to reach critical commercial success on their own.