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TERRAINTerrain Analysis File
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Le terrain restitue sera pris en charge par les services de l'OTD dans l'attente de sa rehabilitation.
The Hagglund BV206 all-terrain vehicle (below) is amphibious and is designed to overcome boulder strewn terrain, marshes and rivers.
Il s'agit d'un premier projet lance dans un communique de la FRMF qui souhaite continuer sur les traces de l'ancien bureau federal auteur de l'initiative des terrains couverts de gazon synthetiques au Maroc.
In actual terrain there are usually recurrent patterns and primitives such as slopes, hills, pits, which are very helpful for assessing traversability and path planning.
These best-in-class terrain and obstacle overlays also include visual alerting of potential hazards and projected impact points.
Polaris has demonstrated various All Terrain Vehicles to the Defence, Police and paramilitary forces, as these can be used in beach patrolling, dense forest, marshy land, rocky and rough terrain".
The terrain function uses familiar terrain alerting colors--with terrain and obstacles within 100 feet presented in red--while hazards within 1000 feet are colored yellow.
Working closely with contractor Promech Services Ltd, Polypipe Terrain is to manufacture and supply its PVC Soil and Waste system to 470 residential units comprising of one, two and three bed configurations.
The Army established Human Terrain Teams (HTTs) in 2006 in order to aid brigade combat team (BCT) Commanders in understanding the local populations of Iraq and aid in the counterinsurgency (COIN) fight.
A whole new wave of thinking has gone into creating the exciting new Terrain, which joins the crossover range with state-of-the-art engineering and high levels of quality, safety and comfort as its core DNA.
As they descended toward the airport, the airplane's wheels contacted terrain on a ridge about nine miles from the planned destination, and about 1650 feet higher than the airport elevation.