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TERSTip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
TERSTactical Event Reporting System
TERSTransplant Evaluation Rating Scale
TERSTactical Electronic Reconnaissance System
TERSTest and Evaluation Report Sheet (USAF)
TERSTemporary Earth Retaining System (excavation)
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8220;With their proven TERS contrast capability, the IRIS TERS Probes are an expression of our commitment to moving atomic force microscopy beyond just imaging,” added David V.
IRIS TERS Probes are fully compatible with the Innova-IRIS systems.
Bruker Innova-IRIS TERS System (Photo: Business Wire)
While a cleanup of this magnitude takes time, involving proven experts like TERS enabled the family to safely remain in their home for the duration of the project.
TERS employs state-of-the-art strategies to preserve safety long after the job is complete.
After thorough Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring, TERS experts set up mobile drying equipment and began their uniquely green air filtration efforts to remove all pollutants from the air without introducing chemical substances.
Business leaders praised TERS for their efforts, "Their rapid response and unique expertise had our production lines running smoothing in less than 48 hours.
In-house Guarantee - TERS uses only in-house technicians and company-owned equipment to guarantee the cleanest and most skilled remediation possible.
Using their organic, non-chemical and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) approach to air filtration TERS eliminated all microscopic air contamination and deodorized the building without adding new toxic substances.
Bed bugs like living in files," says Gary (Gadi) Shaked, Environmental Analyst at TERS, "they seek out small cracks and crevices where they can safely hide and reproduce.
TERS exclusively uses in-house professionals, equipment, and knowledge; and is the only company that monitors volatile organic compounds (VOC's), total suspended particles (TSP), airborne mold, and microbial contamination during the restoration process.