TESTLABTesting Systems Using Telematics for Library Access for Blind and Visually Handicapped Readers
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Though it represents activity before 2000, which is the notional cutoff date for examples in this article, the multinational TESTLAB Project, which ran from 1996 to 1998 with partners from Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, and Greece, is worthy of inclusion.
The former North Western Regional Library System (now Libraries North West) was commissioned to develop the national interlending system building on the work they had undertaken on the TESTLAB project; it quickly produced procedural documents that were circulated throughout the UK.
Integrity Testlabs uses the DAaAaAeALRR NDT ScanX Discover HC computed radiograp scanner and associated ScanX View software to perform erosion/corrosion measurements in the field.
At GITEX, Gateway TestLabs will show case their vast experience in their business domains sectors" advertising & media, online games and entertainment, e-learning, finance & insurance, health care, hospitality & travel, legal, manufacturing & engineering, payment processing, real estate, retail & distribution, technology and services, telecom.
Bess Testlabs started vacuum excavation operations with the System 1000 model.