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TETTest Environment Toolkit
TETTubal Embryo Transfer
TETTurbine Entry Temperature
TETTechnical Evaluation Team
TETTrusted Execution Technology
TETTreadmill Exercise Test
TETText Enhancement Technology
TETThe Edinburgh Techniques (to aid those with learning disabilities)
TETTensar Earth Technologies
TETTravailleur Etranger Temporaire (French: Temporary Foreign Worker; Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
TETTelecommunications Education Trust
TETTurbine Exit Temperature
TETTwentsche Electrische Tramweg Maatschappij (former bus company in the The Netherlands.)
TETTargeting Effects Team
TETTorqueing Electrical Terminations
TETTechnician Enhancement Training
TETTechnical Enhancement Training
TETTactical Equipment Trainer
TETTrailing Edge Tracking
TETTechnical Evaluation Test
TETTechnology Evaluation Team
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4 million to fund development of the full SIPR TET (STET) capabilities.
We diluted our stock of 5 [micro]g/ml TET with media until a final concentration of 5 [micro]g/ml TET was achieved.
Readers may wonder whether there is room for yet another book on the Tet Offensive.
However, it is not completely known whether there is any change in TAC, oxidative stress index (OSI) and total peroxide during short exercise such as TET.
Still, it can't be a good sign for the Bush administration that so many people have begun talking about the Tet offensive.
Although the Communists' Tet Offensive of 1968 was a military victory for the South Vietnamese and Americans, it resulted in a media disaster.
Dan and I became good friends when we flew to Hanoi during the Tet Offensive of January 1968 to bring back three American airmen, whom the North Vietnamese had decided to release from prison as a goodwill gesture for the Tet holiday.
Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston, MA) has patented DNA constructs suitable for gene expression in mammalian cells characterized by the presence of a mammalian promoter under the control of a tet operator/repressor system.
The author addresses the results of the 1968 Tet Offensive for both sides and he concluded that it was a victory for the United States and its allies.
The Toxteth Achievement Awards is a project run jointly by the Toxteth Educational Trust - TET - and the Dingle Granby Toxteth Education Action Zone with funding from the Home Office Race Equality Unit.
The resident rabble-rousing socialist demands postcoital discussions of Marxism; a lesbian insists upon her right to attend breakfast naked from the waist down; her ex-husband staunchly guards his heterosexuality from incursions by the house homosexual; and Pippi Longstocking is banned from the children (one of whom is named for the Tet offensive) on the grounds that it is materialistic.